Consultation and engagement

Consultation on the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

Start date: Monday 30th October 2023
End date: Monday 13th November 2023

What are we consulting on?

As a city, it is our ambition to make cycling, walking and wheeling (wheelchairs, prams and scooters) the natural choice for everyday short journeys. An increase in cycling, walking and wheeling across our city would help to promote health and mental wellbeing, reduce emissions and improve the air we breathe.

A key component to help encourage more cycling and walking is to develop an accessible and connected cycling and walking route network. The first step in achieving this is through the development of a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).An LCWIP is a document that highlights where new or improved cycling and walking facilities would be most beneficial within an area. 

We have developed draft walking and cycling networks based on analysis of where people will want to travel to and from, and through discussions with key groups. The proposed networks include;

  • Strategic cycle routes – main routes linking Liverpool with the wider city region.
  • Primary cycle routes – key links so people can get around the Liverpool city area.
  • Core walking zones – local centres and other key sites such as hospitals, where there will be lots of people walking within the area.
  • Walking routes into the core walking zones – key links from and to the surrounding area which are a walkable distance.

Potential cycle routes and core walking zones were identified following analysis of information such as policy documents, demographics/census data, existing infrastructure, propensity to cycle data, school trips, key trip attractors (origin/destinations), collision history, and local/district areas.

Once agreed, these routes and areas will be the priority for improvements in the future, although as improvements are developed and routes are looked at in more detail, it is possible different alignments will be selected from those shown here, but linking to the same places.

The document contains embedded maps which may not be accessible to users of assistive technology. If you need help to locate the routes and boundary areas in the document or in the maps below, please email

Maps of potential cycle routes and walking zones

Click on a route or zone to display details or use the buttons to zoom in and out. Map areas are also available to view in the online survey.

  • Green: Strategic cycle routes
  • Blue: Primary cycle routes
  • Purple: Liverpool City Council boundary

Open the cycle network map full screen

  • Red: Core walking zones
  • Blue: Walking routes
  • Purple: Liverpool City Council boundary

Open the walking network map full screen

How to comment

You can have your say online below. All responses are anonymous.

For this consultation we want your views on the shape and extent of the proposed walking and cycling network only. There will be opportunities in the future to consult and share views on the actual detail and type of interventions that could be implemented on the proposed routes.

Comment on plans to improve the walking and cycling network

The closing date for comments is Monday 13th November 2023.

What happens to my views?

All feedback will be considered and could influence any changes to the proposals prior to the finalisation and adoption of the LCWIP. 

What happens next?

The LCWIP report is due to be finalised by January 2024. It will ensure Liverpool has a long-term approach to develop and improve the city’s cycling and walking networks.

The LCWIP will not guarantee the implementation of the improved networks, however it is a plan for future development when funding opportunities become available.

Further information

For further information about this consultation please email: