Budgets and finance

Budget consultation

Start date: 4th January 2021
End date: 13th February 2021 - this consultation is now closed.

Liverpool City Council is now consulting on its draft budget for 2021/22.

We estimate that we need to find £15.4m in budget savings in 2021/22. This is in addition to the circa £450m reduction in its annual spending since 2010.

Who can comment?

The consultation is targeted at service users or stakeholder organisations affected by the proposals, as well as residents.

Documents we are consulting on

How to comment

Please use the online questionnaire below to give your comments on the draft budget proposals before 13th February 2021.

You can choose to make your comments anonymously by ticking the check box on the first page of the survey.

This consultation is now closed.

What happens next?

Following the public consultation, the budget will be finalised, approved by Cabinet and recommended to a Full Council Budget Meeting on 3rd March 2021.