Second hand goods

Unless you have a Consumer Credit Licence, you need to be registered with your local authority to deal in second hand goods.  Registration is free and you are also required to keep records of each transaction. Proof of identify will be required and will be verified by a Trading Standards Officer at the time of inspection.

How to apply

We can only register businesses in Liverpool.

Register online for a second hand dealers licence


Download, print off and complete a paper application and return by post.


Registration is free.

Tacit consent

Tacit Consent Applies. The legislation requires only that the city council process your application for you to be registered.

Regulation summary

Problem applications

We will contact you if there is a problem with your application and try to resolve it with you.  If we have to reject your application, the legislation does not give you the right to appeal or for a refund of any fee paid. 


Timescales for registration on receipt of application is five days. An officer will visit to register if the business is a sole trader or partnership.

If the business is a limited company and all details can be verified at Company House a registration certificate will be issued by post to the trade premise.