Cost of living

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Help if you're struggling
with the cost of living

Cost of living

Many residents are currently struggling with rising living costs. That's why it's important to know what help and support is available now that could benefit you, a relative, friend or neighbour.

Below are some sources of support that could help you or someone you know.

Food support

If you are struggling to feed yourself and your family, you can access support in a number of ways.

Energy bills

Advice and support if you are struggling with the rising cost of energy bills.

Financial support

Information and advice on what benefits and financial support you may be able to get if you are struggling with household costs.

Credit unions

Credit unions are a great way to save, bank and borrow. They typically offer lower fees, higher savings rates and a more personalised approach to customer service for their members.

In addition, credit unions may offer lower interest rates on loans, particularly compared to payday or doorstep lenders. They are also suitable for people who may not be eligible for services from a high street lender.

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