Council Tax: Single person's discount

Your full Council Tax bill is based on at least two adults living in a property. If only one adult lives in the property (as their main home), the Council Tax is reduced by 25 per cent. Other reductions can apply if more than one person lives in a property but isn't counted for Council Tax purposes, for example, a full time student.

Apply online for a single person's discount

To apply for single person discount, the Council Tax bill for the property must be in your name - you can use the link below to tell us if you have moved. To be awarded a single person discount you must give us details of who is no longer resident at that address, why they have moved and where they are now living, if relevant. If you do not provide all of the necessary information we may refuse your application.

You can apply using the button below no more than seven days before you become the sole resident, and up to 60 days after - once you have clicked the button select ‘Start’ under the ‘Council Tax Notification’ heading. If you became the sole resident over 60 days ago, please contact us instead. 

Access My Council Tax Online to apply for a single person's discount

Cancel your single person's discount online

If you receive single person's discount and no longer live alone, you can cancel it online. You will need your Council Tax account number, the name(s) of the other resident(s) and the dates they moved in.

Please use the button below to access My Council Tax Online and select ‘Start’ under the ‘Council Tax Notification’ heading.

Access My Council Tax Online to cancel your single person's discount