Ward profiles

What are they?

Ward profiles show economic and social data about all of Liverpool's 30 wards. Each profile is compared against average Liverpool figures. 

The data covers:

  • Ward population.
  • Index of multiple deprivation.
  • Housing.
  • Income and benefit levels.
  • Employment and jobs.
  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Community safety.

Find your Ward 

Use our postcode look-up to find out what Ward you live in.

Ward map

Use our ward profile map to view ward profiles for Liverpool.

View the ward map

Note: Ward profiles published Summer 2018.

Your views on the ward map

We welcome your feedback on our interactive ward map, so please tell us how we can improve these new style ward profiles by emailing us at: askthepolicyteam@liverpool.gov.uk

  • Is there any information missing from the profiles that you would wish to see included?
  • Is the information on the profiles easy to understand?
  • Is there the right balance between graphs/maps/tables and text/analysis?