Liverpool Fairness Commission

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Liverpool Fairness Commission was an independent body established by Liverpool City Council in April 2011. The Commission was tasked with bringing forward practical and imaginative ideas to make Liverpool a fairer city.

It received and reviewed a lot of evidence relating to creating a fairer city and launched their report, Come Together, on 19th June 2012.

The report sets out a series of bold recommendations to tackle disadvantage and equality, promote employment and prosperity and open up opportunities for every Liverpool citizen.

A key conclusion of the report is the need for an ongoing campaign, to embed the principles of fairness at the heart of Liverpool's political, business and civic life and the establishment of a living wage.

See also the findings report of the Social Value Task Group from October 2013.

Mayoral Action Group on Poverty – Welfare Reform Cumulative Impact Analysis 2016 (published March 2017)

Since 2010 successive governments have sought to radically reduce expenditure on support to low income working age households.

Nationally each individual change has been subject to an impact analysis by the Government but the combined impact of the changes has not. 

The absence of a national analysis that brings together these combined impacts creates a risk that the impacts on particular groups and communities is not fully understood.

To help understand and address this risk at a local level officers within the council’s revenues and benefits service has produced a cumulative impact analysis of the government programmes. The analysis identifies over 20 major changes to working age benefits since 2010 that the Government has implemented or plans to implement, affecting around 55,000 households in Liverpool.

The report is intended to help the council and partners to further develop the approach to supporting those affected by current and future welfare reforms.

Mayoral Action Group on Poverty – Getting By report (published March 2015)

Determined to pursue the recommendations of the Fairness Commission, Mayor Anderson set up an Action Group on Poverty in January 2013.

Chaired by Councillor Frank Hont (Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Fairness and Equalities) and working closely with Cllr Jane Corbett (Cabinet Member for Education & Children’s Services) the group have worked to co-ordinate the activity between the City Council, the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, the Third Sector and the Northwest TUC.

The Action Group chose to support the Getting By project because time and time again we were told that the statistics were interesting but that we needed to tell “real stories” about the impact of poverty in the 21st century.

The report gives the compelling testimonies of 30 working families showing precisely why inequality remains the single greatest challenge facing society today.