Make Liverpool a learning city

We have worked hard to get the state-of-the-art school building and facilities our young people deserve - now we need to focus on standards in schools.

More than 80% of our schools are rated good or outstanding, but we cannot be complacent. More young people from Liverpool are going to university than ever before. This is a good thing. But we’ve got to make sure that there are better opportunities for those that don’t.

That’s why I’m launching the ‘Liverpool Challenge’ to create the best school system of any city in Europe. We need schools that give young people to skills for the jobs of the future. I will work with schools, our Liverpool Learning Partnership and our education delivery company School Improvement Liverpool to achieve this, and also bring in some external challenge and support for our schools.

My vision is a school system where children and young people are:

  • Ready to learn.
  • Ready for school.
  • Ready for work.
  • Ready for life.

Every young person aged 16, 17 and 18 years old will have a full-time place in education, a job with training or an apprenticeship.

As Mayor I will work with employers to increase the number and quality of apprenticeships across the city. I will improve collaboration between schools, colleges and training providers to enable young people to make better informed choices in year 11.

I will work with employers and schools to promote higher, advanced and the new degree apprenticeships in school sixth forms.

I will invest £13m European Funding into Ways to Work to support young people and unemployed adults back to work, creating new jobs with training for young people.