Tell us when building work has finished

Once your building work has finished, you must tell us within 5 days so we can arrange a final inspection.

We will have already visited the site at various stages and your builder will normally be the person who notifies us of completion.  

However, you should check that this is the case before the builder leaves the site otherwise we won't be able to issue your completion certificate.

You will need a completion certificate if you sell your property to show that works carried out have been approved.

How to inform us

The quickest way to tell us is online. There is no fee associated with giving notice of completion.

Give notice of completion of works

Or you can download, complete and return the paper application form or call 0151 233 3021.

If the works carried out involve regulation 29 (energy performance) or regulation 38 (fire safety), the contractor or person carrying out the work must also tell us that they have passed on the certificates and documentation to the owner. 

If we don't receive these declarations, we cannot issue the final completion certificate. Find out more and notify us online.