Make a planning application

Once you have found out what applications to make and what permissions you need to be granted, you may apply for planning approval. If you have any questions relating to these decisions or how to complete your application, please contact us.

Online applications

Apply for planning permission

The online process guides you through applications with help available at each stage. You can save your work and break away at any time. As soon as you submit an online application you get a reference number and we receive an email notifying us so that we can begin to process it.

Building regulations forms

These application forms are in our Building Control section.

Additional supporting information

There are national and local requirements for the submission of drawings and technical documents to accompany planning applications. 

The information you will need to submit with a planning application is available at National and Local Validation Checklists supplied with the online and print forms available by using the links in the sections above. You can also confirm the requirements for information with your Planning Officer or contact us for help.

If you would like more information about submitting documents electronically please read the guidance note on Making a Planning Application online or contact us.

For a major application, which includes large numbers of drawings and/or supporting submissions, it may be necessary for you to provide paper copies. We will contact you if this is so and will keep requests for these to a minimum but we must also meet the needs of consultees and the public. 

Please note that if you do not send all the information you need, your application may be deemed invalid.


From 17th January 2018 all planning fees have been increased by 20% in accordance with the revised scale of fees published by central government, and are detailed in the document below.

How to pay

You will need to quote the site of your application and your application number (if known).

Pay online

You can also pay your fees using your debit or credit card by telephoning 0151 233 3021. 

If you make a payment using BACS, please email providing details of the payment, the site address of the planning application and/or the planning reference number.

Ordnance Survey site and location plans

Planning and Building Control no longer provide Ordinance Survey Maps. You can obtain copies and extracts from Planning Portal Request a Plan or  Liverpool Record Office for recent editions of Ordnance Survey Maps nationwide for planning applications, boundary disputes, genealogy and local history. You can also contact Ordnance Survey to find out where to buy maps.

National and Local Planning application requirements

Different types of planning applications require different kinds of background information in order for us to validate and process them.

Applying for permission sometimes requires you to supply a variety of plans, statements and other documentation before we can begin to process it as a valid application.

If you do not provide this information then we cannot validate your application and will be unable to process it and issue a decision on your proposals.

Due to the complex nature of planning laws and regulations certain applications may not always require the same background information as others.

The National and Local Planning Application Requirements provide applicants with clear guidance on the information required to accompany different types of planning applications. They help to ensure that the information they provide is appropriate to the type of application being made.

The document National and Local Planning Application Requirements consists of two parts:

National validation requirements

Contains compulsory requirements for nearly all applications (the notes identify the exceptions), including some matters that are required by law.

Local validation requirements

Contains additional items of information that will be required for certain applications and in certain circumstances. We have also produced a validation checklist for each type of application to assist you in ensuring that you provide all the relevant information.