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You can search for day nurseries, school nurseries and childminders on the Liverpool Early Help Directory as well as other services for children, young people and families:

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Note: Details on the Early Help Directory have been given by the service provider, so the service/information may not be provided by a local authority. The information has not been checked and verified so it is the user's responsibility to take any precautions they feel necessary e.g. checking CRB, credentials and insurance details.

Childcare and Family Information Service (CAFIS)

How we can help you

You can contact Liverpool CAFIS on 0800 085 2022 if you need help finding a childcare provider.

Whether you are looking for nurseries, childminders or out of school clubs, we will point you in the right direction.

CAFIS can provide information on childcare costs, free early education places, information for young carers and support for disabled children and young people.

We can also answer any questions you may have about your childcare options and provide information on the following:


They work in their own home and are Ofsted inspected. Some childminders will take children to and from school.

Day nurseries

They provide full and part time care for children aged 0 to 5. Some will take 3 and 4 year olds to and from a local school.

Children’s centres

They provide integrated services such as health and family support and childcare.

Out of school clubs

These are set up in or near to schools and provide group play and learning.

Holiday play schemes

Childcare schemes for small children from the age of three (closed door policy) and open access schemes for older children up to age 16 (can enter and leave the scheme without adult involvement).

Parent and toddler groups

Stimulating play for young children and social environment for parents.


For pre-school children between the ages of two and five to learn and play in small groups.

Looking for childcare outside the Liverpool area?

To find childcare outside of Liverpool please search the Family and Childcare Trust website and select your local authority.

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If you have any comments on the service we provide, or are not happy with any part of the service please get in touch via the council's Have Your Say process.