Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft’s 365 suite. It helps you communicate and collaborate with your colleagues through:

  • Chat (internal and external) – individual and group chats
  • Audio Calls (internal and external)*
  • Video Calls (internal and external)*
  • Screen sharing (internal and external) - share your desktop or just a Window, ‘Request’ or ‘Give’ control functionality
  • Share files (internal and external) – share, view and edit files together.
  • Team meetings (internal and external) – chat, audio meetings, video meetings, screen sharing, file sharing, meeting notes and whiteboard.

For audio and video calls – you can now dial into a Teams meeting via a phone or you can accept and join external Teams calls/meetings through your web browser.

Microsoft Teams will eventually replace Skype in our organisation.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams can be accessed:

  • On a Windows 10 corporate laptop or tablet:
    • With connectivity via the corporate network, Wi-Fi, or 4G.
    • Using the Microsoft Teams client, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers.
  • On a Windows 7 corporate PC:
    Using the installed Google Chrome web browser at

  • On a personal device:

Please note - Access via mobile phones is currently not possible.

Important information to be aware of with the current temporary configuration of Microsoft Teams deployed during Covid-19:

  • On corporate Windows 10 devices, you should already have the Teams client installed or you can download the Teams App following the steps outlined in the instructions below. You will notice that with the Team client installed it adds Teams into your Outlook calendar and you can schedule meetings in the usual manner (adding the Team invite from the toolbar).

For any other devices, the ability to schedule Teams meetings within your Outlook calendar will be currently unavailable.

  • ‘Team’ membership (being a member of a departmental or dedicated team) is still in development. All users will be a member of their respective departmental team once the full rollout commences. Should customers have a business case for team creation in the interim (e.g. emergency project)
  • *Audio & Video Calls - there is currently no capability to offer a dial in telephone facility on a Teams meeting, however you are able to accept and join external Teams calls/meetings via a web browser. 

Follow this guide on How to Access Microsoft Teams on personal or corporate device.



What can I do with Microsoft Teams?

For more information visit the following links: